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SOTERIA OC carries a complete range of CCTV accessories for your security systems including BNC connectors, video baluns, wireless kits, IR illuminators, warning signs, and much more. All of our CCTV equipment & accessories are built with the highest quality materials for reliable, long-lasting performance. No matter what CCTV camera accessories you need for your system or what’s on your CCTV equipment list, we have you covered.

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  • Camera Mounts

    Camera Mounts (5)

    SOTERIA OC carries a complete variety of camera mounts that mounts to every smooth and non-porous surface. These camera mounts have 3X patented 3 In industrial suction cups. We have the camera mounts with 360-degree tilt, turn, and rotation. The construction of camera mounts is rugged. So, these mounts support DSLRs, cameras, and flashes of up to 12 lbs. So, you can get every kind of camera mounts you want.
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    Dahua Technology DH-PFA109 Dome Camera Mount Adapter for PFB305W Wall Mount and PFB220C Ceiling Mount (White)

    • Aluminum Alloy Construction
    • Dome Camera Mount Adapter
    • 1.0 kg (2.20 lb) Load Bearing Capacity
    • Compatible with PFB305W Wall Mount and PFB220C Ceiling Mount
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    Dahua Technology DH-PFA136-B Junction Box (Black)

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): ø110.0 mm x 34.0 mm (4.33 in. x 1.34 in.)
    • Weight: 0.19 kg (0.42 lb)
    • Pipe Thread: M20 (G1/2 in.)
    • Load Bearing Capacity: 1.0 kg (2.20 lb)
    • Color: Black
    • Operating Temperature: –40 °C to 60 °C (–40 °F to 140 °F)
    • Humidity: 0% to 90% RH
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    Dahua Technology DH-PFA143 Outdoor Surveillance Junction Box (White)

    • All-aluminum Shell
    • Aesthetic Design, Easy Installation
    • Tamper Alarm with Optional Alarm Switch
    • IP66 Ingress Protection and IK10 Vandal Resistance
    • Compatible with DH-PFA153 Heavy-duty Pole Mount, Dahau PTZ Dome Camera Wall Mounts, and MNVR/MXVR Mobile Recording Devices
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    Dahua Technology DH-PFB120C Ceiling Mount Bracket for Select Cameras

    Ceiling Mount Bracket

    • Aluminum alloy material, cost-effective
    • Dedicated for particular cameras, beautiful and elegant design

    • For ceiling mounting DH-TPC-BF5421-T camera
    • For ceiling mounting DH-TPC-BF3221-T camera
    • For ceiling mounting JQ-D70Z Dahua blackbody device
    • Extends 25.2 in. to 43.1 in. from the ceiling
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    Dahua Technology DH-PFB301S is a Parapet Mount Bracket of PTZ Camera

    • Parapet/plane mount and hidden line design; Material: Aluminum;
    • 10kg high load-bearing capacity;
    •  Reserved the anti-drop structure, secure and reliable.
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    Dahua Technology RQW026-00 Overview

    The RQW026-00 Bracket from Dahua Technology is designed to connect a DH-TPC-BF3221-T thermal hybrid network camera or JQ-D70Z blackbody calibration device to a DAVCT999 tripod.

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