Soteria OC offers an extensive selection of commercial-grade displays for security applications. Models include 8″ – 86″ in both standard aspect ratio and widescreen and feature multiple inputs including BNC, VGA, and HDMI. Full 1080p high definition is available on the 24″ above models. In addition to the displays, Soteria OC offers test monitors for standard analog, HD analog, and IP cameras. Besides, our 75″ and 86″ models include brilliant 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and are ideal for displaying multiple cameras in control rooms. The 75″ and 86″ and can easily replace expensive video matrixes and multiple monitors. With the wide variety of models, inputs, and industrial-grade aspects, the Soteria OC CCTV monitor line is an ideal display solution for any commercial-grade CCTV system.

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