Wireless Devices

The primary feature of the SOTERIA OC CCTV camera is that it has Wireless security camera devices. Wireless device systems from CCTV Camera Pros consist of a wireless transmitter.  And receiver antennas and allow IP security cameras to transmit a wireless signal. It uses a 5.8 GHz signal up to 8 miles. These systems are used in situations where cable dredging is not practical or is cost-prohibitive.

The WIFI-EN95610 and WIFI-EH9500 wireless security camera systems are new high performance digital wireless security camera transmission systems. These are our most popular and most recommended systems. These wireless systems offer exceptional video data transmission using a 5.8GHz frequency.  Because they are made for long-distance outdoor use. So,  with a direct line of sight between the transmitting and receiving antennas.

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