Access Control

The installation of CCTV and an access control system allows you to cost-effectively. So, protect your business property from theft and shrinkage. And also, protect your employees from those who seek to do them harm.

If you have a building in the Mid-South, State Systems Inc. can design, install, and maintain CCTV and access control systems customized for your business’s unique needs and environment.

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    Four-Door Slave Access Control Module Dahua Technology ASC2204B-S

    • 4 Door One-way Access Controller
    • ¬†Support TCP/IP communication
    • Two dual communication protocols: RS-485 and Wiegand (W26 and W34)
    • Holds 100,000 users and stores 500,000 card swiping records
    • Support interlock, group combination, anti-passback, remote unlock, and more
    • Support card reader tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door sensor timeout alarm, duress alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, and incorrect password alarm
    • Built-in RTC, support manual time synchronization and auto time synchronization
    • Support power-off memory protection and online upgrade
    • Support watchdog (a device that protects a system from software or hardware failures)
    • Support PoE power supply


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    Dahua Technologies DHI-ASR2102A-D Access fingerprint reader

    • PC material, acrylic panel, and IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Support contactless recognition of ID card
    • Support card/fingerprint unlock
    • Support RS-485 communication protocol
    • Support buzzer and indicator prompt
    • Support anti-tampering alarm
    • The built-in watchdog can detect and control the abnormal operation
      status of the equipment and perform recovery processing to ensure the
      long-term operation of the equipment
    • All connection ports have overcurrent and overvoltage protection
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