Dahua Technology X84R3L Ultra Series Pentabrid 16-Channel 4K HD-CVI DVR

  • 4K at 15 fps Recording Resolution on All HDCVI Channels
  • Dual-stream Video Recording
  • Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264+ Dual Codecs
  • Auto-detection and Auto-configuration of Video Inputs
  • 32 IP Camera Channels, each channel up to 12 MP
  • Maximum 128 Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
  • Analytics+ Functions: Perimeter Protection and
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Spot Output (HDMI 2 Output)
  • Five-year Warranty*


Dahua Technology X84R3L Ultra Series Pentabrid 16-Channel 4K HD-CVI DVR

  System Overview

The X84R Series HDCVI DVR offers 4K recordings on each HDCVI channel and a host of advanced features and functions. The X84R takes advantage of HDCVI technology for easy integration into existing video surveillance systems while leveraging existing networks, cabling, and cameras. Pentabrid access technology seamlessly records video from HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS, and IP sources simultaneously, plus the DVR delivers 4K resolution on each HDCVI or IP channel.


Perimeter Protection

Dahua Analytics+ includes Tripwire and Intrusion functions that offer custom tripwires based on object type for automation in limited access areas. Perimeter Protection requires fewer pixels to detect an object to deliver improved accuracy and decreased false alarms due to lights, weather, trees, or animals.

Smart Motion Detection

The Smart Motion Detection, a component of Dahua’s Analytics+ technology, improves alarm accuracy and decreases the number of false alarms. The advanced SMD algorithm analyzes a scene for human or vehicle motion, while filtering out other motion due to trees, leaves, animals, weather, and triggers an alarm when detected.

AI Coding

The AI Coding function puts recording emphasis on human or vehicular objects in the video scene. This technology, based on constant bit

rate (CBR), dynamically allocates increased bit rate to the target object while reducing the bit rate allocated to background objects. AI Coding reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 50% when compared to the H.265 video compression standard.

Smart H.265+

Smart H.265+ is the optimized implementation of the H.265 codec that uses a scene-adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure, and intelligent noise reduction to deliver high-quality video without straining the network. Smart H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 90% when compared to the H.264 video compression standard.

4K Resolution

The HDCVI DVR records 4K resolution on each HDCVI and IP channel. 4K is a revolutionary breakthrough in image processing technology. 4K delivers four times the resolution of standard HDTV 1080p cameras and offers superior picture quality and image details. 4K resolution improves the clarity of a magnified scene to view or record crisp forensic video from large areas.


The HDCVI DVR automatically recognizes the incoming signals of each attached camera without any setup, making installation easy and operation convenient.

Long Distance Transmission

HDCVI technology guarantees real-time transmission over long distances without loss of video quality. HDCVI devices provide the same resolution as most IP network camera systems using existing RG-59, RG-6, or CAT 6 UTP cabling.



Main ProcessorEmbedded Processor
Operating SystemEmbedded LINUX

Analytics+ Perimeter Protection

Performance• Human and Vehicle object classification• Decreased false alarms from leaves, lights, animals

• Configure function on 6 channels

• 10 Tripwire/Intrusion rules per channel

Object Classification• Human or Vehicle• Secondary Recognition for Tripwire and Intrusion
Search• Search by object classification (human or vehicle)

Analytics+ Smart Motion Detection

Performance• Detect motion based on object classification (human or vehicle)

• Decreased false alarms from leaves, lights, animals

• Configure functions on 16 channels

Search• Search by target classification


Analog Camera Input16 Channels, BNC
HDCVI8 MP, 6 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, 1080p at 30 fps,720p at 60 fps
AHD8 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP, 1080p, 720p at 30 fps
TVI8 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP, 1080p, 720p at 30 fps
IP Camera Input16+16 Channels, each channel up to 12 MP
AudioInput: Four (4) Channels, BNC Output: One (1) Channel, BNC
Two-way TalkInput: One (1) Microphone, BNC Output: One (1) Channel, BNC


CompressionAI Coding, Smart H.265+, H.265, Smart H.264+, H.264, H.264H, H.264B
Recording Resolution8 MP, 6 MP, 5 MP, 4 K-N, 4 MP, 3 MP, 1080p, 720p,960H, D1, CIF
Record RateMain Stream8 MP at 15 fps6 MP or 5 MP at 25 fps,

4 K-N, 4 MP, 1080p, 720p, 960H, D1, or CIF at 30 fps

Sub Stream960H at 15 fps; D1 or CIF at 30 fps
Maximum Incoming Bandwidth128 Mbps
Bit Rate32 Kbps to 8192 Kbps per Channel
Record ModeManual, Schedule (Regular, Continuous), MD (Video detection: Motion Detection, Video Loss,

Tampering), Alarm, Stop

Record Interval1 to 60 minutes (default: 60 minutes),Pre-record: 1 s to 30 s, Post-record: 10 s to 300 s


Audio CompressionG.711a, G.711Mu, PCM
Audio Sample Rate8 kHz, 16 bits per Channel
Audio Bit Rate64 Kbps per Channel


InterfaceTwo (2) HDMI (3840 x 2160) portsOne (1) VGA (1920 x 1080) port

One (1) TV port, BNC

Spot OutputHDMI 2
Native OutputResolutionHDMI 13840 x 2160, 2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1080,1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720
HDMI 2 / VGA1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720
Maximum Playback Decoding16 Channels of 1080p at 15 fps16 Channels of 720p/960H at 30 fps

Eight (8) Channels of 4K at 7 fps

Eight (8) Channels of 6 MP/5 MP at 13 fps

Eight (8) Channels of 5 MP at 12 fps

Eight (8) Channels of 4K-N/4 MP/3 MP at 15 fps

Eight (8) Channels of 1080p/720p/960H at 30 fps

Four (4) Channels of 4K at 15 fps

Four (4) Channels of 6 MP at 20 fps

Four (4) Channels of 5 MP at 25 fps

Four (4) Channels of

4K-N/4 MP/3 MP/1080P/720P/960H at 30 fps

One (1) Channel of 4K at 30fps

Multi-screen DisplayIP extension mode not enabled: 1/4/8/9/16IP extension mode enabled: 1/4/8/9/16/25/36
On-screen DisplayCamera Title, Time, Video Loss, Camera Lock, Motion Detection, Recording


InterfaceOne (1) RJ-45 (1000 Mbps) Ports
Network FunctionHTTP, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, UPnP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPoE, DDNS, FTP, Alarm Server, P2P, IP Search (Supports Dahua IP cameras, DVRs, NVS)
Maximum User Access128 Users
Mobile Operating SystemIOS, Android
InteroperabilityONVIF 16.12, CGI Conformant

Video Detection and Alarm

Trigger EventsRecording, PTZ, Tour, Video Push, Email, FTP, Snapshot, Buzzer, and Screen Tips
Video DetectionMotion Detection, MD Zones: 396 (22 × 18), Video Loss, Tampering, and Diagnosis
Alarm Input16 Channels
Relay OutputSix (6) Channels


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